Volkswagen Shows Off 6 Emergency Vehicles at Emergency Expo

Last week European automakers were in Fulda, Germany, for the annual RETTmobil Emergency Expo, a show dedicated to emergency response vehicles.

Volkswagen was on hand with six vehicles to show off, designed to handle medical emergencies and fires.


The Passat wagon, for example, was repainted in emergency colors and had a light bar installed, as well as special suspension and interior mods added to it. It also featured comprehensive driver assistance systems. The Passat isn’t quite an ambulance, but is a way for doctors and medical equipment to get to where they are needed.

There was also the Transporter T6, with integrated lighting and sirens, as well as a helicopter detection, which helps coordinate patient pick ups.

VW also had the Touareg and Golf Alltrack command vehicles, both of which have Sepura MRT Radios. The Touareg, meanwhile, has an event data recorder, which is kind of like a black box for cars.


Perhaps coolest of all, though, was the Amarok emergency response vehicle, that’s made to go off road and can put out fires with its 250 liter (66 gallon) water tank. The truck comes with  hydraulic drive, foam extinguishing system, and a bed cap.

All of this is great, of course, but secondary to the real point of this story: staring at the new emergency services liveries.