Volkswagen Teams up with NVIDIA to Develop AI Cockpit

As well as promising with Audi to bring autonomous driving to the road in 2020, NVIDIA has also partnered with Volkswagen to bring AI inside the cabin.

Known as a maker of graphics processors, NVIDIA has been working with automakers for some time now. With Audi they’re working to make vehicles learn how to drive themselves by using intelligent AI.

Now VW has announced that NVIDIA will also work with them at the Volkswagen Group Future Centre California, in Silicon Valley.


The hope is to make cars anticipate drivers’ needs. Volkswagen wants to reduce the number of hard controls in the cockpit, giving passengers more space.

To do that, the car will use intelligent AI that is constantly monitoring the road and the driver to learn what controls the driver needs in what situation. Just how this system will know when one of my random Spice Girls moods takes me is a mystery, but I guess we’re all more predictable than we like to think.

“With the Future Center California, Volkswagen is progressing toward its goal of being a leading provider of sustainable mobility by 2025,” says Johann Jungwirth, Chief Digital Officer of VW AG. “Artificial Intelligence will play a vital role as the company rapidly grows its digitalization and connectivity solutions.”