VW Arteon Still Delayed, Company Blames Little Brother

Volkswagen’s Arteon four-door coupe looks stunning. And it looks like it should be pretty quick. What it doesn’t look like is arriving for sale on time. Why not?

You’ve gotta blame it on something, gotta blame it on something.

Whatever you do, don’t put that blame on you. Blame it on the rain Audi.

That’s what Volkswagen is doing with the Arteon’s delay. We’ve already talked about VW’s WLTP homologation testing falling behind schedule on other models. The delay for the Arteon is for the same reasons, but this time VW can’t do anything about it.

That’s because the 2.0L turbo-four and 268 hp is an Audi engine. “It’s an Audi engine and they were running way behind (with WLTP certification). They are responsible for the homologation,” a VW spokesperson told CarBuzz.com.

The car is on sale now in Europe, and has been for a few months, but not with the 268 hp four. It has a 276 hp and seven-speed dual-clutch-equipped powertrain there.

So it’s still set to arrive here sometime. Maybe in the spring. Or maybe later and they’ll just skip the 2019 model year altogether.

[source: CarBuzz]