VW Reassesses, Chattanooga is Not Restarted Production on May 3

Late last week, Volkswagen announced that it would start work at its Chattanooga plant on May 3. Today it announced that it has reassessed those plans and will pause the restart indefinitely.

Volkswagen shut down production at its Tennessee plant on March 21, following the lead of much of the rest of the US automotive industry. As with many of the company’s plants around the world, VW announced that production would resume at Chattanooga with heightened safety measures.

The big three US automakers also had hopes of restarting production next week, but the United Auto Workers union raised concerns, saying it did not feel that there was no adequate evidence to believe that returning to work would be safe.

The union succeeded in protecting its members and caused GM, Ford, and FCA to delay their restarts until, it is being reported, May 18. Volkswagen has not confirmed when work will restart at its Chattanooga plant, Toyota, whose workers are also not a part of the UAW, will start work at its US plants on May 11.

“Before setting a new start date, Volkswagen will weigh the readiness of the supplier base, as well as market demand and the status of the COVID-19 outbreak,” the company wrote in a statement today.