VW Sweden Desecrates an Icon to Promote Parking Assist

Volkswagen of Sweden has taken an icon on an icon and then just shifted it a little bit to the right. Destroying a famed image to promote semi-autonomous parking.

Ok, that’s probably being a touch harsh. Let’s try again. Ever notice that the white Beetle on the cover of The Beatles’ Abbey Road cover is parked on the sidewalk as much as it is the road? Well, they’ve fixed it.

The automaker says that “we have corrected a technical shortcoming in one of our cars from 1969. Exactly 50 years ago, an attempt was made to park a white Volkswagen Beetle on Abbey Road in London. Unfortunately, the car ended up halfway on the sidewalk and the mistake was also perpetuated on a disc cover.”

They’ve put the Beetle on the roadway as it should be. And they’ve removed The Beatles. Which makes sense since it’s an entirely new photo and some of the band isn’t available these days.

It’s to show off the company’s Park Assist feature. Which should help make sure that you don’t park on the sidewalk. Or the pavement, as they’d call it on Abbey Road.

VW Sweden is selling the image, but they’re also selling you a new album sleeve they’re calling The Beetle’s Abbey Road – Reparked Edition. You can buy one for 179 SEK, which is about $20 and then add shipping. It’s available in vinyl or CD format, with proceeds to a Swedish charity.