Want to Buy 55 VW Vans? Bring Your Chequebook

Fifty-five Westfalia vans on the ground. Fifty-five Westfalia vans! You take one down, sell it around. Hold on a second. You can’t separate 55 vintage VW vans. Not if you want this collection, that is. The seller says that if you want one you have to take them all. And it’s going to cost you.

It’s not a long distance to go from car collector to car hoarder. In fact, it might only take a decent plot of land to start it growing. And the difference between a collection and a hoard is really just the condition of the vehicles. But based on the three photos this seller has given us, we’re leaning toward calling it a hoard. Though putting it up for sale probably cancels that.

In any case, it’s 55 Volkswagen vans of varying ages and conditions. The seller, Rob, says that they’re all in “good restorable condition.” Well, actually, he said it in all caps, but we won’t shout at you.

The vans are for sale in Newmarket, Canada, just north of Toronto. And based on the Kijiji ad, this seller doesn’t want to mess around. These vans will cost you. $350,000 US. No exchange rate discounts here. If you just want to take a look, that’ll cost you too. $500 in cash.

So if you’re “not a flake with no money” and you want a whole load of VW vans, then we know a guy.