Watch: A 13-Foot High Macrobus Named Walter

The original microbus gained a reputation for ferrying hippies from their communes to their festivals and it’s kind of nice to think that even now there’s still a place for that. This macrobus in Phoenix, Arizona is helping the start-up-funded hipsters at Burning Man party.

Its name is Walter and it started life as a fire truck in 1963. Years later Kirk Strawn found the truck in a junkyard and thought that its split windows reminded him of a VW.

Whereas most people would simply say “huh, neat,” Strawn actually went and built the thing.

Measuring in at more than 13-feet tall and 30-feet long, the bus is by no stretch micro. But that means that its second-story can be used as a party platform and its 85 speakers make this one of the more legitimate party buses in the world.

It’s appropriate that this bus should spend a good deal of its time out in the desert with high folk. I can’t imagine anything more unsettling than a microbus in a place with no reference just getting bigger and bigger and bigger as it gets closer to me.