Watch: Can a MkIV Golf’s Windows Withstand Tesla’s Steel Ball Test? Very Much So, Yes

Remember back in the early part of the year, when we all had a good chuckle at Elon Musk’s failed attempt to impress us by throwing a steel ball at the Cyber Truck’s window? Yeah. Simpler times.

Well, now someone on YouTube is taking the test to ridiculous proportions. The test actually started three months ago when Car Hax threw a steel ball at a Mk4 Golf’s window, which did little to nothing.

That test proved just how funny it was that the Cyber Truck’s window broke. Not only was it an embarrassing gaffe in the moment, but it was a test that any old car should have been to pass.

But people didn’t believe Car Hax, so now he has returned to up the ante. With an air cannon. Because the 35th and 36th rules of the internet are “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing” and “all YouTubers must have a weird amount of money and an alarming amount of access to ballistics.”

Unsurprisingly, an air cannon shooting a heavy steel ball at around 55 kph (~35 mph) breaks the window. More surprisingly, though, the windows can take two blows from a Coke can at around 50 mph. 

We aren’t really sure what this proves anymore, but does anything mean anything anymore? So why not just enjoy some wanton destruction that lets us laugh at a billionaire.