Watch: Designing the Atlas

On the occasion of the LA Auto Show, Volkswagen of America has released the second installment in its ongoing video about the creation of the Atlas. The new seven seat SUV carries the weight of great expectations, as it’s hoped that it will help the brand grow in America.

In the video below, Volkswagen’s designer describe what went into the two year process of designing the Atlas, and what they were hoping to achieve.

Volkswagen wanted the Atlas to be big and bold, but also timeless.

“The facial expression of a car defines its character. We wanted to give the car a wide appearance, and an earnest look,” says Klaus Bischoff, head of design. “It should look substantial, without looking too aggressive.”

Clean design with a minimum of frill was on the menu.

“We have a few lines on the car, but every line has a purpose; there’s always the idea to guide the eye around the car,” says Oliver Stefani, exterior designer.

Same goes for the interior, which is designed to simple and clean, but not dull.

You can watch the first video in the series here.