Watch: The Golf GTD Goes Up Against the Amarok TDI

Can I be honest? I’ve never been that impressed by the Amarok. I mean, sure, in that it’s a VW pickup, there’s some appeal to it. But VW’s refusal to bring to America has never bothered me. Not until today, that is.

That’s because I’d never seen what it was capable of in a drag race.

So the set up is this: some South Africans had a V6 TDI Amarok, access to a drag strip, and a Golf GTD. And that’s pretty much it.

In retrospect, it’s perhaps not surprising that the Amarok (spoilers) won. Its 405 lb-ft of torque is a full 125 more than the GTD’s 2.0 TDI can muster and it makes about 45 more hp than the GTD, too. But it also has nearly 1,600 lbs more car to haul, so it is surprising that it spanks the GTD like it does.

The Amarok gets the GTD out of the hole and then continues to walk away from the supposedly hot GTD.

So I officially now want an Amarok.