Watch: A MkI Rabbit with an S2000 Engine Lap COTA

Honestly, there’s very little of this car that remains Volkswagen. The body panels are carbon fiber, the engine comes from some Honda, and just about everything else has been cobbled together from parts sourced from around the automotive globe.

The car started as a 1983 Rabbit. Well, actually two. Justin Bayliss, whose build this is, showed up to buy a Rabbit and, since he had space for another shell, the guy gave him another one.

He then proceeded to combine them into one clean shell, sat it atop Miata subframes, threw out the old engine and replaced it with an S2000 engine. Turbos were then added to pump power up to between 580 and 600 hp, according to Bayliss.

That all sends power to the rear wheels through a four-speed Jerico sequential gearbox to the rear diff from a Mustang. And it all weighs just 2238 lbs wet, which gives a pretty great power to weight ratio.

The massive aero elements aren’t just for show. If you saw the size of the rear wing and thought what altitude does he think he’s at? Then well spotted, because the goal is to eventually take this car to Pikes Peak.

The results are, predictably, pretty quick. Frustratingly, that giant high-altitude wing gives up the ghost before too long and the guys have to pack it up.

Still, we’ll keep following along in the hopes of seeing this car high in the Rockies.