Watch: The Tiguan R and Arteon R at the Nurburgring

Rumor has it that Volkswagen R is set to grow, and the latest spy shots of cars testing at the Nurburgring may show the next two cars: the Arteon R and the Tiguan R.

We received low-key confirmation that the Tiguan R was coming to Europe a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, he said that so far it’s only being designed as a short-wheelbase version. We do not agree with some reports that a Tiguan GTI is a likely possibility.

We would basically expect the Tiguan R to have the same engine as the Golf R—which for the eighth generation is supposed to make around 330 hp.

The Arteon R, somewhat disappointingly, may also use the same engine, rather than a V6.

“We have to take into account the CO2 emissions and so on, and we have to look at what is the right engine for the right cars,” Capito told Car Throttle back in March.“In the moment we are very happy with the four-cylinder. The 2.0-liter turbocharged engine is a really good engine and still shows a lot of potential, so I think that that’s the first choice.”

A few days later, Car and Driver reported that VW would not import the Arteon R. Although the Tiguan R is so far only being designed as a non-North American short-wheelbase version, there’s still hope for it to arrive on our shores.

Speaking to journalists a few weeks ago, VW of America’s head of product planning told us that they’re pushing for a North American version.

“It’s our job from the product perspective to try to find these emotional products. We’re pushing extremely hard, but I cannot confirm that it will come. But yes, we are looking for ways and means to maybe have a premium top-end version of the Tiguan, hopefully in future.”