Watch: Why the VAQ Diff Makes the GTI so Good

We all know that the GTI is the height of hot hatches, but we don’t always examine why. The latest generation of GTI, and the 7th gen models, have one specific advantage that really elevates them.

Donut Media’s Bumper2Bumper takes a look at the VAQ differential (along with the DSG gearbox and the dynamic chassis control system) and examines what makes it so important to the GTI’s success.

The channel claims that the GTI was the first front-wheel-drive car to ever make use of a locking diff, an accolade that I somehow missed. It’s a technology that means that Volkswagen can tune out as much understeer as possible and turn the GTI into a track monster.

Along with the DSG transmission that shifts 18.75 times faster than a Ferrari Enzo ever could and an active suspension that allows the wheels to stay on the road at all times, not mention a whole lot of other, more classical engineering excellence, all comes together to make the GTI the wunderkind that it is.