Watch: This VR6 Sharan Makes 700 HP

The nice about sharing a platform across multiple vehicles is that the modifying that goes into the sportier cars needn’t be limited to the sportier cars. Enter the VR6 Sharan.

This appears to be a first-generation Sharan, but that doesn’t actually help us very much in determining what year it’s from. These bad boys were produced from 1995 until 2010. 

This being a European MPV and the joint venture of Volkswagen and Ford, I kind of assumed that the VR6 was a swap, but it turns out that the Sharan was sold with a VR6 making either 170 or 201 hp depending on trim. The VR6 also came with the option of Syncro AWD.

This one, obviously, has been modified quite heavily. Unfortunately, details are scant, but a big turbo and new plumbing are visible in the engine bay shots in the video. As is a carbon fiber oil filler cab—good to know that isn’t slowing this Sharan down.

Although the ET isn’t shown in the video, a speed of 240 kph is shows, which translates to roughly 150 mph. So it’s safe to say that despite the rain, the Sharan still slaps.

What also slaps about this Sharan is that it’s a solid sleeper. Although the wheels (finished in a gold that plays well off the dark green paint) are a bit of a tip-off—as is, we expect, the ride height—there isn’t much else to warn people about this thing’s massive power. It looks like the owner went to great lengths to keep this thing looking relatively stock. It even has a stick-figure family on the back, just to lull unsuspecting supercars into a false sense of security.