There Will Be a Mk9 Golf Says Volkswagen

We’ve only just taken the veil off the Mk8 and already we’re asking about the next generation. But for all those who are worried that their favorite car will be replaced by EVs and SUVs, fear not, because the Golf should last at least one more generation.

That’s according to Lars Hentschel, from Volkswagen’s powertrain department, who told Top Gear that the internal combustion engine is not quite endangered yet. When asked if the EVs will have replaced the Golf by the next generation, Hentschel was clear:

“No way it’s 100 percent electrification in 2030,” he told the publication. “Even my boss Mr. Diess is not enthusiastic. That would be far too much. There has to be a next-generation Golf, I’m convinced.”

Unfortunately, it’s hard to look much farther into the future than that. The next generation is still nearly a decade away, and predicting EVs’ market share in a decade and a half is nearly impossible.

Electrification is coming for the Golf regardless, though. With the Mk8, VW has already started giving the Golf a little zip. Along with 48-volt mild-hybrid systems, there are now plug-in hybrids. It’s not all bad news for those who fear electricity, though, because the GTE produces a combined 245 hp, which is nothing to sniff at.

So the Mk9 will keep its internal combustion engine, but will probably also become increasingly electric.