Volkswagen Recalling 766,000 Cars for Brake Issues

An issue with the anti-lock braking system in more than 750,000 cars has led Volkswagen to issue a global recall, according to a report from Reuters.

Per the report, the anti-lock system may fail under some conditions. These include when the car is in an over- or understeer situation or when the driver “slams on the brakes.”

Volkswagen has yet to release an official document about which cars are covered and what the recall covers, but KFZ-Betrieb, a German automotive industry publication, reports that the issue is “a thermomechanical overload in the control unit for the ABS and ESP.”

The publication also reports that Caddies, Eoses, Golfs, Golf Pluses, Jettas, and Sciroccos built between May 2008 and August 2010 are affected. Some 2009 Audi A3s will also be reportedly recalled, as well as Skoda Octavias and Superbs built between June 2008 and June 2009.

Fortunately for VW, the anti-lock issue looks like it can be solved with a software update, which should keep costs down.

Owners are expected to start receiving recall notices as of July 17.

[source: The Drive]