Volkswagen Has Revealed the Virtus So Let’s Make Assumptions About the Jetta

As part of its renewed commitment to the South American continent, VW has revealed the Virtus, a sedan version of the Polo. We won’t see any up here in the US or Canada, but it may provide some hints as to what to expect from the upcoming Jetta.

The Virtus is virtually identical to the Polo at the front but has a trunk. So, as the Jetta is to the Golf, the Virtus is to the Polo.

Both the Polo and Virtus are based on the MQB-A0 platform, which makes them both very safe and gives them access to the same range of engines—though only the 1.0 TSI has been confirmed for the Virtus right now.


What’s interesting for us to learn, is that the Virtus has almost exactly the same wheelbase as the outgoing Jetta. The Virtus is quite a bit shorter (about 7 inches shorter) than the Jetta on overall length, though.

Now, if we were to extrapolate a little we could probably safely assume that the new Jetta will be longer than the outgoing model.

The Virtus has a nearly 7% longer wheelbase and is about 12.5% longer overall than the Polo to allow it to fit more in its trunk and its cabin.

If we were to extrapolate a little further, applying the same Polo-to-Virtus growth rates to the Jetta that would make it 477 cm (187.7 inches) long, with a 281 cm (110.6”) wheelbase. Weirdly, that would make the new Jetta’s wheelbase nearly 7% longer than the outgoing Jetta’s, but only 2% longer.


On the other hand, that would make for a greater size difference than on the outgoing Jetta-to-Golf Mk6, which share a platform. Making the new Jetta bigger by comparison, though, would be in fitting with automotive trends.

Back in the realm of things we actually know, is that the design of the Jetta will resemble Virtus’ in much the same way that the Golf and Polo look vaguely similar. The Jetta’s proportions will be a little better, its grille will differ, and the taillight will be the tiniest bit sharper.

Whatever the case, we’ll find out when the car is revealed at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit early next year.