Volkswagen Sales Increase in March

Volkswagen has started 2017 on the upswing with sales up 10% after one quarter, and up more than 2.5% in the month of March. Although the results aren’t quite as good as they were in 2015, it’s still encouraging news for the automaker whose sales suffered dearly last year.

With a total of 27,635 vehicles sold in March 2017, VW managed to outdo itself by 2.68 percent over last March. With sales amounting to 30,025 vehicles in March of 2015, though, that’s still a drop of nearly 8% as compared to pre-dieselgate numbers.

Sales this month were led by the Jetta, of which 9,700 were sold. The Golf family, meanwhile, saw a sales bump of more than 40% to 6,369.

Alhtough March wasn’t VW’s best month this year, it was still a positive one, and adds to the automaker’s increasing year-to-date figure.

Volkswagen’s year-to-date figures are more encouraging, with sales of 76,290 vehicles so far in 2017, the brand is not only up 10% over last year, it’s approaching pre-dieselgate numbers (79,239) down only 3% as compared to the first quarter of 2015.