Volkswagen Sets Sales Record in January

With more than 533,000 vehicles delivered last month, it was the Volkswagen’s best ever January, sales-wise.

“Volkswagen Passenger Cars has started the new year with considerable momentum,” said Jurgen Stackmann, head of sales, in a statement.

The figure was 7% higher than it had been a year ago. As you might expect, sales were up in nearly all markets, including the USA and China.

In the US, sales were up a little more than 5%, whereas Chinese buyers had a fiendish appetite for VWs, buying nearly 10% more last month than they had in January 2017.

Europe also saw a nearly 5% bump in sales, with Germany being a particular bright spot.

“I am pleased that we have recorded significant growth we have recorded significant growth of 12.3% in sales in Germany and were able to continue the positive development from the last quarter. I am also impressed by our good start in our second home market of China.”

Brazil, too, saw an impressive bounce back. Thanks to economic troubles, the bottom fell out of the market, which had traditionally been a VW stronghold.

After selling nearly 24,000 vehicles there last month, deliveries grew by more than 40%, as compared to January 2017.