Volkswagen Shows Off the Next ID (And You’ll Be Able to Buy this One)

Tired of hearing about the ID.3 and all its wonderful features you won’t have access to? So are we. But now we can finally take a look at the next ID, which we will get.

Covered in the same camouflage as the ID.3 was before its unveiling, this is the production vehicle based on the ID CROZZ. The good news is that based on the ID.3, this will look a lot like the CROZZ, which is a handsome thing indeed.

The bad news is that it’s a crossover. But for all the complaining we do about there not being enough small cars—complaints by which we stand—this is undeniably a good business decision. People, Americans especially, love crossovers.

Based on the same platform at the ID.3, we know the ID range can acheive up to 342 miles on a charge (on the easier European test cycle). There may be some differences there, though, because this is much bigger than the ID.3 (roughly the size of a Tiguan). That means more space for batteries, but it also means more weight and drag, all of which makes the actual range hard to predict.

The other good news is that these (eventually) will be made in America at a new facility near VW’s Chattanooga plant. Until that plant is ready, though, they will be imported from Europe.

As for a name, we expect VW to continue with the ID naming scheme. An unnamed source, meanwhile, tells Automotive News that the crossover will be called the ID.4, which isn’t much of a stretch.