Volkswagen to Stockpile Cars Over Emissions Testing Delays

Volkswagen is having to stockpile vehicles, searching for parking space in an effort to catch up on emissions testing.

New emissions and fuel economy testing is coming into effect in the EU. The Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure starts September 1st.

The test uses real-world driving data, instead of just lab testing. The real-world drive has meant higher emissions and a scramble to modify and make vehicles compliant.

It’s also meant that automakers need to recertify all of their cars.

Volkswagen said back in June that it was throttling back production of some models, as up to 250,000 were affected by delays in that certification. The company is running test cells flat-out in an effort to get vehicles certified and tested in time to meet the deadline.

Now, Reuters reports that VW is renting parking garages and open lots starting in August to store the cars while it catches up on certification. A VW spokeswoman said that the timing of the stockpiling depends on where the cars are built, but it’s becoming a big enough issue that the automaker is looking at renting Berlin’s not yet open international airport for storage.

[source: Reuters]