Volkswagen Unveils the ID.3 with Range of up to 341 Miles

The first vehicle on Volkswagen’s exclusively electric drivetrain has finally been unveiled and it will start at less than 30,000 Euros ($33,172 USD at conversion rates at time of writing).

The ID.3 1st edition will come with a range of 420 km (on Europe’s NEDC test cycle). Although the European test cycle is usually more optimistic than the American one, 420 km is roughly 260 miles.

If you’re looking to spend less than thirty grand (with tax incentives, the cars will cost less still), you’ll likely be in the market for an ID.3 that has a smaller battery, though. The base model will therefore have 330 km of range (205 miles).

And finally, the longest range ID.3 of all will be able to deliver ranges of somewhere around 550 km, or roughly 341 miles.

Unfortunately, we don’t yet know how much the long-range version will cost. Volkswagen has revealed, though, that the ID.3 1st edition, being charged with a 100kW charger, can regain 290 km of range in 30 minutes. Not quite the 22.5 minutes to 80% of the Taycan, but still pretty quick.

Speaking of quick, the ID.3 can reach a top speed of 160 km/h (~100 mph). The lowest trim level of the 1st edition, meanwhile, will be sold with 18-inch light alloys, while 19s and 20s are also available on other models.

Top of the line models will also be sold with an augmented reality HUD. Although we don’t know exactly what the AR will be used for, VW has previously shown off concepts that can project navigation information over the actual road.

Natural voice control rounds out the tricks in the ID.3 interior. Just say “Hello, ID” and the car will respond, allowing you to control a number of its features. Over the air updates are also possible on the car.

Volkswagen goes on at length about its “revolutionary interior concept” (read: seats in a surprisingly spacious cabin) and you can see the interesting way they’ve organized the seats. The ID.3 is 4,261 mm long (167.7 inches), 1,809 mm wide (71 inches), and 1,552 mm high (61 inches), with a wheelbase of 2,765 mm (109 inches). The minimum curb weight is 1,719 kilograms (3,789 lbs).

Changing gears—something you can’t do in the ID.3 thanks to its single-speed gearbox—Volkswagen promises that the ID.3 will be its first carbon-neutral car. Provided you charge it with power not generated via fossil fuels, it doesn’t contribute CO2 to the atmosphere. That’s because every factory VW uses is powered by green electricity. And if CO2 gets produced along the supply chain, VW promises to neutralize it by investing in climate protection projects.

The lucky 30,000 who ordered their ID.3 1sts will also have their electricity paid for for the first year (or the first 2,000 kWh).

Unfortunately, the US won’t be getting the ID.3. Volkswagen has promised that we’ll get the car based on the ID CROZZ concept, which will be based on the same platform, but will be larger.

Volkswagen also debuted its new logo at the ID.3 unveiling. Now made simpler, the W no longer touches the bottom of the circle. Ultimately, though, the attractive new logo sticks to the overall shape that we’ve known for decades.