Volkswagen’s American Sales Rise 4% in 2018

Things pretty much went as expected for VW in 2018, as the year-end numbers confirm a modest increase in sales that makes the Atlas and the Tiguan (and the people who pushed for them) look like heroes.

Counting both the Tiguan and the Tiguan Limited, it was the single nameplate with the most sales in 2018 (at 103,022). If you don’t count the Tiguan Limited and its 13,500 sales, the Jetta led the charts with 90,805 sales, which is nice for the sedan-lovers (I would read that bawdy 18th-century novel).

Not so nice for the sedan-lovers, that figure is down 22% as compared to last year. Sales are picking up, though, as VW again sold more than 10,000 Jettas in December (up 42% as compared to December 2017) making it December’s best seller.

Tiguan sales, meanwhile, crested 8,500 and the Atlas’ were above 6,700 in December. That’s a 6% and an 11% increase respectively.

Passat sales also had a brief surge in December. Selling more than 3,100 for the month, its sales were up 3.3% as compared to last year. Sales for the year, though, remain 32% down.

Golf sales were down 46% in December, which matched a pretty bad year overall for the Golf, down 47% in 2018. The good news for enthusiasts, though, is that the Golf R’s sales were up nearly 30%, to nearly 3,500 units sold for 2018.

In total, VW sold 189,343 cars last year, which is more than 164,721 SUVs it sold in 2018, but less than the 262,029 cars it sold in 2017.

“Our sales over the past year showed that we’re moving in the right direction in meeting consumer demand,” said Derrick Hatami, Executive VP of sales, in a statement. “SUV percentage of sales more than doubled for the brand in 2018 and more than quintupled over the past five years.”