VW Head of Design Wants Atlas Cross Sport Headlights to Go Into Production

Revealed only hours ago, the Atlas Cross Sport concept is VW’s statement of intent. This is the car it wants to build before the realities of production, cost, and legislation make it look just a bit more like everything else you see on the road.

It’s easy, then, to imagine that all of the Atlas Cross Sport’s funky details will be sanded down and eliminated. Take, for instance, the complicated headlights. A concept cue if ever there was one.

That’s not what VW’s head of design, Klaus Bischoff, thinks.

“I want them to go into production,” Bischoff told VW Vortex at the New York Auto Show. “It is possible within US regulation.”

Bischoff added that the Chattanooga plant could handle the complexity of the lights but said that price might still prove to be a deciding factor.

“The decision is still being made,” he said.

A shortened version of the Atlas, the Atlas Cross Sport is more about aesthetic than it is about practicality, hence the fewer seats and the seven-inch shrink in total length.

We’ll find out for sure what VW decides in 2019 when it goes into production at the Chattanooga plant.