VW (MAYBE) Mentions Arteon Shooting Brake in German Press Release

Motor1 is today reporting that Volkswagen confirmed the rumored Arteon Shooting Brake will be built at its Emden plant in Germany. We’ve read the press release to which they are referring and we’re less sure.

While there is merit to the argument that Motor1 is making, it falls short of confirmation in our view. Here is the original sentence:

“In the new MEB-Halle we will equip the E-models from 2022 on and drive up reasonable and at the same time successfully build the Arteon, the Passat Limousine and the Shooting Brake in the old halls for some years.”

Now here it is again, but in German, in case you were wondering why the above sentence (translated by the Google) was so clunky:

“In der neuen MEB-Halle werden wir ab 2022 die E-Modelle einrüsten und vernünftig hochfahren und zeitgleich den Arteon, die Passat Limousine und den Shootingbrake in den alten Hallen für einige Jahre erfolgreich bauen.”

The sentence appears in a press release discussing the future of production at the Emden plant. Whether or not you believe that VW is confirming an Arteon Shooting Brake here pretty much depends on whether you interpret that sentence as “the Arteon, the Passat, and the Passat Shooting Brake,” or as “The Arteon, the Passat, and a third car that we are referring to as the Shooting Brake.”

This is all like parsing the constitution, a job made all the harder by the fact that German is not the first language of anyone in our office.

Regardless, the sentence is interesting because Volkswagen, even in German, tends to refer to the Passat wagon as the Passat “Variant” not “shooting brake.” And with rumors of an Arteon Shooting Brake swirling, with wagons experiencing something of a renaissance (albeit a tepid one) right now, and with the relative fanciness of the Arteon it seems entirely possible that the sentence refers to an Arteon Shooting Brake.

Being neither constitutional lawyers nor German, though, we’re hesitant to call this confirmation. Instead, we’ll call it an interesting piece of evidence in the case for an Arteon Shooting Brake.