VW Watchdog Wants More Staff

A court-appointed monitor tasked with ensuring that Volkswagen stays in line might triple the number of people on his staff.

Larry Thompson, a lawyer chosen by the US Department of Justice in the wake of the dieselgate scandal might go from 20 staffers to 60, according to a report from Bloomberg. The monitor works full-time reading documents and interviewing VW Group employees in an effort to prevent another emissions scandal (or any corporate malfeasance).

Despite the possibility of more staff, Thompson says that things look good so far.

“My first impression is that the company is taking this very seriously,” Thompson told reporters on Tuesday. “The rank and file of VW workers, they really feel that they’ve been let down by the company. If we can help this company to become better, then this is well worth my time.”

So far Thompson has picked Jonny Frank, a forensic-accountant from StoneTurn Group for his team. He already has experience as a monitor and is working as one at Deutsche Bank.

Questions about VW’s accountability were raised when its legal and compliance chief, Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt departed the company suddenly back in January.

The monitor, meanwhile, was required under the terms of VW’s settlement with the US Department of Justice. Thompson will be keeping an eye on the all 12 of VW’s brands, though he admits that he might eventually narrow his focus.

Volkswagen will be monitored externally for three years, according to the settlement it agreed to.

[source: Automotive News]