VW Reports Record Sales in September

We already knew that Volkswagen did well in America last month, but it turns out that the brand has been doing well in the rest of the world, too. With more than 590,000 vehicles delivered last month, it was the best September ever in a number of markets.

Not surprisingly, that meant a substantial increase over last year’s total for the month. Around the world, the brand delivered nearly 8.5% more vehicles in September, bringing the total for the year up to nearly 4.5 million vehicles, up 2.7% over last year.

The gains were wide-ranging, with both North and South America performing much better than they did in 2016. America, as we’ve reported before, saw an increase of 33%, while the previously quite dire Brazilian market improved more than 130% over last September.

Both markets struggled mightily last year, so the improvements are reassuring for VW because they imply that VW’s post-dieselgate woes are coming to an end.

China and Russia both also improved by 7.5% and 14.7% respectively. The news wasn’t all good, though, as sales across Western Europe suffered. Sales in Germany were down more 8.8% and they were down 3% for the market as a whole.

Regardless, sales were strong thanks to a surge in SUV sales, among others.