VW Reveals New Livery for ID.R Ahead of Chinese Record Attempt

Volkswagen is out to set another record in its ID.R and so it’s donning another livery. This time, VW is dropping the blue and going red.

The new livery was revealed in a Tweet this morning from Volkswagen Motorsport, which runs the car.

The rendering also appears to be wearing giant aero elements like it did at Pikes Peak—back when the car was grey. This may be artistic license, though, since the Tianmen Shan Big Gate Road only rises to an altitude of about 4,000 feet—or roughly 10,000 feet lower than Pikes Peak—meaning that such extreme wings may not be necessary.

Volkswagen plans to run the ID.R up the highway in September. The road runs for 6.8-miles and contains 99 turns. There is no official record time yet for the road, so VW shouldn’t have much trouble setting a record, as long as they make it up the dangerous road.

The ID.R and its driver, Romain Dumas, should be well prepared for the Tianmen Shan Big Gate Road. With 9 turns per kilometer, it’s roughly as twisty as the other big roads the car has run on. While Pikes Peak has a curvier 12.4-corners per k, the Nurburgring is actually slightly less curvy as 7.7 corners per k.