VW Hints at I.D. Sedan

During a presentation about the brand’s electric fleet, Volkswagen teased us with the outline of an upcoming electric sedan.

Only called the “I.D. Sedan,” the outline was placed alongside the I.D. Buzz, the I.D. hatchback, and the I.D. Crozz, which was revealed as the first I.D. family member for the US.

All are concept cars, though, and the sedan will undoubtedly be a concept, too. That said, with each subsequent concept, the cars have become a little more realistic. The first concept that was revealed, the I.D. hatchback looks futuristic, with solid wheels, blue tires, and a hollow interior with slowly sliding parts. Although it can drive, it has all of the un-mass-produceable trappings of a concept car.


The I.D. Crozz, meanwhile, looks much more production-ready, with an infotainment screen that looks recognizable, disc brakes, and black tires. Although clearly still a concept thanks to its lack of mirrors, it looks like it could eventually hit production.

So the I.D. sedan will hopefully take another step towards looking production-ready, giving us a hint as to how futuristic the I.D. lineup will actually look.

Although it’s hard to tell just how big it will be, whatever its size, it will have the space of a bigger car inside thanks to the MEB platform, which adds all kinds of space to the interior due to its lack of internal combustion engine and driveline.

Volkswagen Showcar I.D. I.D. ? die Revolution. Der erste Volkswagen auf der völlig neuen Elektrofahrzeug-Plattform. Der erste Volkswagen, der für das automatisierte Fahren vorbereitet ist.

Volkswagen also stated that the MEB platform would become localized, on Tuesday. Exactly what that means is unclear right now, but VW seems to be hinting at cars designed in-market.

Since the MEB platform can effectively have any shape body dropped onto it—and indeed Jürgen Stackmann, head of sales and marketing, claimed that there would be an I.D. for every body style eventually—that means that individual markets could make their own bodies for the car.

Now that VW has hired a new head of design in California, and I.D. production has been promised for North America that could eventually mean that the North American Region will design and build I.D. cars of its own.