VW USA Sales Up 15% in June

In its first full month of sales, the Atlas was the brand’s best-selling SUV, with nearly 2,500 sold.

The Atlas’s strong performance came in the context of a very positive month for VW, too. The brand’s June sales were 15% better than they were last June. So far this year, the brand has delivered 8.3% more vehicles in America than it did last year.

The Atlas’s figures still put it in the lower end of midsize SUVs, in terms of sales, competing with cars like the Mazda CX-9 and the Ford Flex. The segment’s leader, meanwhile, the Ford Explorer sees monthly sales of about 25,000, albeit with the help of the nation’s police departments. That said, the Atlas is far outselling the Touareg, VW’s other entry in the market.

Back at VW, meanwhile, most of the brand’s vehicles helped participate in the strong sales, with sales of the Golf and Jetta improving 30% and 15% this June, respectively. Sales of the Beetle, meanwhile, are nearly 50% better than they were last June.

It hasn’t been a summer of performance, though, with both the GTI and Golf R seeing sales drops. The Tiguan, too, failed to keep up with its record-breaking 2016, while Touareg sales increased more than 50%.

VW will hope to keep this momentum rolling, with sales of the Mk2 Tiguan starting at the end of July.

chart by Volkswagen of America
chart by Volkswagen of America