VW Will Also Sell You a Wall Box that Makes Charging 5 Times Faster

With the launch of ID.3, Volkswagen is also working on ways to get you charged and ready to go every morning. For as little as €399, the brand will sell European readers a wall box that will charge their ID.3 five times faster than a traditional plug.

That means that the car can be fully charged in about 6 hours, which is important since VW expects half of all charges to be made at home.

The 11kW box comes in three variants, ID.Charger, ID.Charger Connect, and ID.Charger Pro.

The first costs just €399 ($441) pretty much just charges. The Charger Connect hooks up to your WiFi which allows you to check on charging and allows for remote maintenance. It costs €599 ($663), but if you’re willing to spend €849 ($940), you can get the ID.Charger Pro.

It comes with all of the Connect’s connectivity features and comes with its own integrated electric meter so that you know exactly how much juice you’re pulling through the mains. Volkswagen seems to think that this will be most useful for businesses with company cars, hence the name “Pro.”

Unfortunately, as with almost all the ID news this week, this only so far applies to Europe. With the ID.4 coming our way soon, though, it will be interesting to see if a similar callbox appears. As anyone who has forgotten their plug adapter will attest too, though, the differences in electrical systems will mean that at least a few minor changes are necessary before you see one of these in your garage.