VW Will Unveil an Electric Wagon at the LA Auto Show, But Don’t Tell Anyone it’s Not an SUV

So Volkswagen calls this the ID. Space Vizzion (which is a silly name) and they’re saying it’s a crossover (which is an even sillier name) because it’s not a crossover, is it?

Anyone with a passing interest in cars will recognize this for what it really is: a wagon. But don’t tell other people that or they might not buy it and we might not be able to have nice things anymore.

The “crossover” is based on the ID. Vizzion, which was—there’s no other word for it—a sedan. The Space Vizzion, meanwhile, looks largely the same except the roof is extended and ends as a hatch kind of like a wagon but is–if anyone asks—a crossover, okay?

“So far, with our ID. family, we have shown what is possible with electric vehicles in each known car category,” said Klaus Bischoff, Head of Volkswagen Design. “With the ID. SPACE VIZZION we create a new, fully electric segment.

Sure. Good job, Klaus. Whatever you need to tell people to get me an electric wagon.

Volkswagen goes on to say the same old concepty stuff: 300 miles EPA, extremely aerodynamic design, vegan leather seats, lotsa space, MEB platform, yadda yadda yadda.

Unlike the Vizzion, though, the Space Vizzion gets a steering wheel. That concept, released in March of 2018, was a showcase for VW’s autonomous ambitions, featuring gesture controls and speech controls.

The Space Vizzion, meanwhile, has a release date of 2021 and as far we’re aware, no one’s ready for level 5 autonomy that soon.

There will apparently be different versions for Europe, China, and North America, which is a little alarming, but by god are we feeling hopeful for an electric wagon I mean crossover this morning.