Porsche Descendent is Making an Electric Coupe with Old Aston Martin Tooling

Ferdinand Piech has had a long and illustrious, if ultimately controversial, career. From leading the team that created the legendary Audi Quattro to leading VW’s rise to one of the world’s largest automakers to maybe being responsible for Dieselgate, the Porsche descendent has done anything but sit on his laurels.

And now his son is making the Piech Mark One, design sketches of which have recently leaked ahead of the car’s Geneva Motor Show debut.

The drawings show a classically proportioned coupe with shades of Aston Martin. And that makes sense because the tooling reportedly comes from the British GT car manufacturer. But the car will be built in Germany and run on an all-electric powertrain.

Piech (the brand that is) claims that the car will weigh fewer than 1,800 kg (just a hair under 4,000 lbs), will have a range in excess of 500 km (310 miles), and will have an energy recovery system.

If those figures sound a little like Porsche’s Taycan, don’t get your hopes up. It doesn’t sound like Piech has used his family connections here. While the Taycan is liquid-cooled, the Mark One will be air-cooled.

Ferdinand Piech, also air cooled

And while that’s the only drivetrain that Piech is talking about with any details, there is reportedly the potential for a range of drivetrains, including old-fashioned gas engines and maybe even a hydrogen fuel cell.

The Mark One, as the name suggests, is just the first car Piech has planned. The Swiss-based brand claims there will also be a sporty sedan and a small crossover based on the same platform as this coupe.

While our expectations that any of these cars will actually get driven regularly aren’t particularly high, this one looks good enough that we hope we’re wrong. And Piech wouldn’t be the first person to work on the Audi Quattro who made his own supercar.