Wagon, V6 Arteons on the Way

Volkswagen’s four-door coupe is getting a wagon version, according to new reports from Europe.

The sleek Arteon has only just arrived in Europe, but according to Auto Express, VW has already confirmed that a new version is coming. An estate, a shooting brake, a wagon! According to the report, the design is now signed off on, which means that the car is on the way, which you may recall from our highly professional and not at all done on MS Paint rendering.

The same report suggests that a new six-cylinder engine could be coming. VW has already put a V6 in a prototype, and if one goes to production it would have also have to go in the Atlas. Since the Atlas already has a 276 hp 3.6L VR6, it’s most likely that engine that will go back into the Arteon. But with the Arteon’s 2.0L four already offering up to 280 hp, the VR6 might need a boost.

The bigger engine is a strange choice of direction when other luxury brands like Volvo are going smaller and electric, but the Arteon is a premium product. A wagon version would probably be even more premium, and the family VR6 would go a long way to helping justify the higher price. And make for an Arteon that goes as quick as it looks.

[source: Auto Express]