Watch: Audi Hearse Killing it at the Nürbugring

The Nürburgring is a gathering point for all kinds of crazy car people and apparently you can pretty much take whatever you want onto the track, even if that car is a vaguely clapped out Audi hearse from Spain.

Friend of the site, Jamie Orr of Orchid Euro, took off on a grand tour of Europe back in August and because he’s a nut, he decided that the best car for the job was a hearse.

As with any road trip, he needed a great destination. There could hardly be a better one than the Nordschleife on which he took his VW Fox, and his glass-sided hearse.

The track is known for its enormous danger and the number of ’60s Grand Prix drivers it took out, so a hearse isn’t the least appropriate vehicle we’ve ever seen for the task, but with acres of glass up high, we’d be surprised if it was challenging the Lamborghini Huracan Performante on lap times.

You can watch the onboard video above and some shots of the car from outside down below.