Watch: Audi S1 Goes Off-Track on Tracks

We have to admit that this video has caught us by surprise. We have gotten used to seeing tank-style tracks on off-road vehicles like Jeeps, Land Rovers and Hummers, but installing them on an Audi S1 takes some out-of-the-box thinking (and perhaps a little bit of madness).

Unfortunately, there are little to no details about this unique project. All we know is that it’s not some kind of a CGI trick, and that it’s in Bulgaria. It’s also apparent that the owner had to cut the bumpers to fit the tracks, and that the tracks have lifted the car’s ground clearance by quite a bit. We can also hear that it sounds great, and assume that with 228hp on 3064lb and the help of AWD, it should make for a surprisingly capable Beach Buggy.

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