Watch: Beetle Fun Cup Carnage at Spa Francorchamps

Yet again, it’s time for that greatest of all annual traditions: watching Beetles get crossed up at one of racing’s most legendary corner complexes.

The event is the 2019 Franco Fun Festival, held at Spa Francorchamps. The track hosts one of Formula 1’s longest-serving and longest-distance events and features the much loved/feared corner complex: Raidillon and Eau Rouge.

Following the land’s natural undulation, the complex is a high-speed, either-it-goes-well-or-it-goes-terribly kind of corner that catches out some of racing’s best. So watching amateurs take it in their Beetles is good fun.

Even though these drivers are, by and large, reasonably good, the corner’s natural shape lends itself to good (not too serious) crashes and heroic (poop-inducing) saves.

It should be mentioned, if you’re a fan of old Beetles and aren’t familiar with the series, that these are about as much Beetles as I am Ringo. The chassis are specially developed tube frame deals that run water-cooled I4s in the middle. Basically, they’re just cheap race cars that look like Beetles because the event organizers didn’t want people taking the series too seriously.