Watch: Check Out Peter Brock’s V8-Powered Bay Window

Every automotive outlet has been posting as many Ford and Shelby stories as possible lately to try and cash in on the “Ford V Ferrari” craze. Reading a VW site, though, you probably thought you were safe from all of this, but it turns out even we find a connection.

That connection comes thanks to this 1971 Volkswagen Bus owned by Peter Brock, one of Shelby’s greatest designers.

Brock is responsible for the Shelby Daytona, the Corvette Stingray, and this panel van powered by a Buick V8. That engine swap may not seem like the most obvious combination, but it has a very specific use.

“[The bay window] the greatest vehicle, provided you’re a hang glider pilot,” Brock tells Jay Leno.

That’s because hang gliders need to go high up in the mountains to launch. With a microbus, you can fit all of the pilots in the back and all of the hang gliders on top, and crawl up 6,000-7,000 mountains to start your flights.

The only problem with a standard microbus is that Brock was really crawling up the mountains. With this, he and his crew were able to scamper up.

And as Brock points, there are some benefits when you’re off the mountains, too. With the V8, he says this bus will happily cruise at 90 mph all day.