Watch: Cutting Up a Golf Until It’s the World’s Shortest

They say that film is the art of visual storytelling. Like Mr. Bean, if a film is good, the words shouldn’t really matter. Even if you don’t speak (what is that, Dutch?) you can pretty much figure out what’s going on.

This very short Golf wasn’t quite short enough to earn itself a record for being the shortest driving Golf in the world. So Mastermile82 cut a bit off the front to make it qualify. The result is what appears to be a 252 cm (8.2 feet) long Golf.

Weirdly, it actually looks better as a snubnose. I mean, it won’t win any concourses—Mastermilo doesn’t seem all that concerned about details like “do the body lines line up?” or “Is it all one color?”—but the proportions are at least better with the shortened hood, the Golf seems a little less eager to endo.

It seems that Mastermilo82 has been on this mission for a while now, this being the third installment in the video series covering this build (the first two are below). But even before this project, he was no stranger to a bit of DIY weirdness, having turned a Ford Ka into a tricycle. A tricyKa, if you will.

Admittedly, I kind of feel bad for that pretty good looking Mk2, but at least the surgery was performed by an expert.