Watch: DeMuro Tests the ‘60s’ Most Comfortable Lamborghini

Lamborghini may be known for its hardcore hypercars, but it actually has a rich history full of grand tourers, 2+2s, and more.

Okay, so that may not be the widest range of cars–I’ve yet to hear about the four-door sedan or the pickup that Lamborghini made way back when–but the Espada is at least practical and different by the brand’s standards.

With four upright seats, an engine in the front, and a profile that you’d struggle to call anything less than “sportback,” the Lamborghini Espada might just be the most practical Lamborghini of the ‘60s.

You could be forgiven for never having heard of it, though, because despite being produced for ten years, only about 1,200 ever left the factory. And even though by Lamborghini standards that fairly normal, few people bothered to preserve these like they did the Miuras and Countaches.

These days, an Espada is about as rare a Lamborghini as they come, and Auto Trader’s Doug DeMuro went all the way to Dubai to test one on the street.

Although his needs are a bit special—I’ve seen bean stocks that are shorter—he calls it the one of the most comfortable classic Lamborghini he’s ever driven. And not just for its size, for its quality, too. Even though it looks fragile, all of its bits are well affixed, leading DeMuro to claim that “it truly felt like I could’ve taken it on a lovely grand tour.”