Watch: Destroying the Nürburgring with a diesel-powered SUV

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see an Audi SQ7 at the Nurburgring Nordschleife. After all, its prototype was spotted testing at the famed track prior to production, and it was even caught crashing at the carousel corner in a notorious viral video.

Still, seeing a well driven 5000-plus lbs diesel monster devouring an open lap “tourist” session is a mesmerizing sight. The video was shot by a tuned SEAT Leon Cupra driver, one that had previously posted some very impressive lap times (7:30 minutes BTG) – and even he was shocked by the SQ7 driver’s commitment.

For about half a lap of the 12.9 mile circuit, the Audi and SEAT are driving in a fast convoy, overtaking everything from Porsches to Suzukis. The SQ7 is even showing some off-road ability while passing a Mini on the grass and jumping a curb with two wheels in the air. Well, maybe it’s a sign that they should make the SQ7 part of the Ring Taxi fleet.