Watch: Even Porsche Has a Hard Time Sourcing Old 911s

Porsche isn’t above a little Porsche porn from time to time and this recent video from the brand is a fine example. Titled “Soul of Porsche: on the road with the 911” is a videographical celebration of the brand’s most famous car. As Porsche itself puts it: “8 generations, 1 icon.” There’s just one problem: they aren’t all quite 911s.

The green, first gen car featured in this ad is actually a 912. Admittedly, the difference is pretty much limited to the loss of a pair of cylinders, but that’s a distinction that’s worth about $40,000 these days.

Porsche produced the 912 from 1965 to 1969, when it was sort of replaced by the 914. That doesn’t exactly put the 912 in great company, even though I’ll stan for the 914.

Long thought of as the 911’s underpowered and less interesting baby brother, 912s have been gaining value lately thanks no doubt to the ridiculous prices 911s command—which may also be why Porsche had to settle for a 912 in this video.

Ultimately, it doesn’t really make a difference to the video, since the 912 looks exactly like the 911 and the point of it to gawk at these stunning cars. It’s just interesting to note that the value of 911s is such that even Porsche can struggle to find one.