Watch: HumbleMechanic Test His Stage 1 Tune

VW Vortex, like most every other automotive forum, is awash in talk about tunes. We talk about stages more than Broadway. And while we’re sure you’re a pro, maybe you’re just curious.

If you’ve read about Stage 1 tunes and it has perked your ears, this may be the video for you.

YouTube’s HumbleMechanic covers the important aspects of installing Stage 1 ECM and DSG software to his Golf R (in this case, the tune is provided by Integrated Engineering, which, full disclosure, is a frequent advertiser of ours).

The setup is simple and can be done at home. The results are just as simple. Beyond the power improvements and the results of the butt dyno, it’s the way host Charles Sanville giggles every time he stabs the throttle that really shows the advantages of the tune.

Ultimately, the real dyno shows a bump of 30-odd hp without the need for any physical upgrades (though an intake is recommended). As Sanville explains, though, the tune could lead to some warranty issues. The nice thing about a Stage 1 tune is that, although you are exposing your engine to more risk, you aren’t pushing it to the limit of what its capable of.