Watch: Learn to Drive a Stick with Death Metal

The world is full of educational songs. From the alphabet song to School House Rock, few things stick in your mind like a tune. Now, though, music is finally being used to teach something important: how to drive stick shift.

The guys from RiffShop are doing their part to #savethemanuals by using their chosen genre, death metal, to help you through the challenging process of learning to drive a manual.

Everything from starting the car, to pulling away from a stop, to dealing with the embarrassment of inevitably stalling the car on your first attempt is covered here.

While I personally am a bigger fan of using Gilbert and Sullivan’s light operettas as the basis for educational easy listening, à-la Animaniacs, RiffShop is undeniably having a blast here and it’s infectious.

Even if you know how to drive a manual, give the song a listen. It’s well worth your time and will have you headbanging and bang shifting in no time.