Watch: A Love of Fast Wagons is Passed Down Through the Generations

If you’re a skiing enthusiast with a child or two to haul around, there might not be a better car than the Audi RS2.

It’s not a car that likes to be used occasionally. It wants to be used all the time,” says Mark Birch, in Petrolicious’s latest video. “So we use it as a family quite a lot. We use it for going on holiday […] it’s a great car and it’s meant to be used.”

A skiing instructor in the Alps (some people lead real hard lives), Mark bought the car from a friend after being allowed to borrow it for a weekend.

Perfect for his needs, Mark comes by his love of fast wagons honestly, as the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

As a child, he says, he remembers his dad buying a new Tornado Red Passat GT and going straight to Silverstone to have it fettled with and made faster.

Now, with a family of his own, Mark is passing the torch, teaching his own kids the love of fast wagons by driving them around in one of history’s truly great examples.

And for that, we salute you, Mark.