Watch: Making a Twin-Turbo Exoskeleton Lamborghini Huracan then Blowing it Up

Lamborghini’s baseline nuttiness means that its cars lend themselves well to extreme builds. And this exoskeleton Huracan is among the most extreme we’ve seen.

The car belongs to Instagram star Alex Choi who based it on the flip car from Fast and Furious. That means an exoskeleton by Studio RSR and a twin turbo kit from Sheepy Racing.

That twin turbo kit, though, was the subject of subsequent trouble for Choi because just a day after posting this video introducing the car, it blew up.

According to Choi and Sheepy Racing, the dramatic failure was limited to the turbos and didn’t hurt the engine at all, though it ruined Choi’s drive to Coachella.

Extreme builds create extreme cars that behave in extreme ways.