Watch a Meyers Manx Win the First Ever Baja 1000

As hard as it may be to believe, back in 1967 a crew of videographers was wise enough to schlep all the way down to the Baja California peninsula to record a dusty race through the land that civilization forgot.

The event that was basically begun by Bruce Meyers would eventually be won by one of his Manxes. What’s kind of amazing, though, isn’t just that a Manx won, it’s how many VW-based buggies ended up finishing well.

The first event was dominated by VWs, and indeed the race would be dominated by them for years to come. Nowadays, Beetles don’t do quite as well, but they are still competing.

This year, a Beetle sponsored by VW is competing in the event in Class 11. You can read all about it in our post covering the announcement, but the Beetle competes in a relatively unmodified class and will be driven by a group of designers and engineers from Denver.