Watch a Mk3 GTI Become a Drift Car with the Help of a BMW V8

Although the Golf is damn near a perfect car, there are one or two things that its driveline makes difficult. Namely, drifting. But if you have a spare V8 lying around and a little (read: a whole hell of a lot) of mechanical knowhow, you can make something like this V8-swapped Mk3.

Posted to the ECS Tuning YouTube page and owned by Mike Day, the car is street legal in Ohio and can pull a mean drift thanks to a 4.4-liter V8 liberated from a BMW.

Why a BMW engine? Even Day admits that a VR6 would have been cooler, but he didn’t have one. He did have a V8 lying around, though, so it’s what went in.

Knowing that he wanted a drift car, too, he knew he’d have to convert the car to RWD, and so much work was going to have to go into it at that point, that any engine would require just about the same amount of time and effort.

Time and effort like that which went into making BMW’s non-u-joint-having set up work on a normal car. To allow for misalignment in the driveshaft, Day had to add a carrier bearing, a u-joint, a slip section, and then another u-joint to make sure that the driveshaft could handle suspension travel.

Another bit of work that came out of having such a big engine in the little Golf’s engine bay was the radiator location. Day had to move it to the back of the car over the new fuel cell. Incidentally, that led to some new vents of the rear wheels that look pretty rad.

There’s plenty more to go into here, like the brake setup, the roll cage, the powder-coated control arms, and the USB port (for to charge your phone), which Day goes into in detail in the video.