Watch: Onboard of the ID.R Running at Tianmen Mountain

It’s been a minute since Volkswagen’s ID.R set its last record-breaking run on China’s Tianmen Mountain, but we finally have onboard of the feat.

Piloted by Romain Dumas, the ID.R flies up the mountain and the video gives a much better sense of the speed involved in the record than previous videos shot from the outside.

The record, although impressive, is a little hard to wrap one’s head around, largely because nobody else had really tried before. With Pikes Peak, we had a firm grasp of what a fast time was. At Tianmen, there was less context.

But seeing what Dumas saw, it’s much easier to understand how fast the 600-odd horsepower electric track monster was really going up the tight mountain road.

Unfortunately, we don’t know where the ID.R will go from here. Volkswagen has yet to give us a hint of where it plans to unleash the ID.R next.

The automaker has stated in the past that it’s not interested in running Pikes Peak again in the near future and there doesn’t appear to be much reason to run the Nurburgring again. Volkswagen may be running out of 10-mile, twisty roads to break records on.