Watch: This Porsche Macan Rally Racer

Now, I’ve gone on record before saying things about compact SUVs that are less than kind. Comparing them to jellybeans in shape in interchangeability, accusing them of being useless, expensive, and all kinds of other things. But, as always, the crucible of motorsport is the compact SUV’s savior.

Few brands are as associated with motorsport as Porsche. From its earliest days, working out of a tiny factory in Gmund, pushing out hand formed sports cars to its recent wins at Le Mans, the brand has been racing forever.

That’s exactly why I’m so happy to see this Porsche Macan off road racer. Sure, it looks weird and tall and a little bit like the body was affixed not all that firmly to a chassis it didn’t really fit on, but just look the way it handles the dirt!

Examples from the Porsche 953 to that time that James May and Kris Meeke took a Bentley down a rally stage prove that nothing in life is sweeter than a luxury car off roading. It’s like seeing those old photos of the queen driving ambulances during the war: undeniably bad ass. 

The Macan was put together by LP Racing for Rally Raid racing, which, not unlike the Paris-Dakar rally, is a form of off road racing that takes place over numerous miles, or kilometers, in this case. 

[source: Jalopnik]